At the Scandinavian Invitation the food is on the same high level as the golf. Our ambition as actually to have food good enough to rival the golf as an attraction to the event. You will find fine dining of the very highest quality, perhaps the best expression of which is the Nordic Glass Box Experience, that had the most demanding food connoisseurs raving about the culinary ambitions of its tasting menu last year. The fact that it is fully enclosed by glass, and beautifully situated overlooking the 10th tee, doesn’t hurt either.

We like to think, though, that the culinary enjoyment will exceptional even at such places as at the food truck by the 7th green and other outlets.

Our efforts toward really good quality food is greatly helped by the fact that the Scandinavian Invitational is played in Gothenburg, with its easy access to top class produce. Obviously, fresh fish and seafood will play a dominant role. Virtually all produce is sourced from within a 100 km radius from the venue. This ensures both high quality and minimal environmental impact.